outside the planet

October 10, 2008 5:54am CST
Do you know why i really believe that there can be life outside the planet. This is why, the atmosphere in our places and things in it can make other things evolve according to what is in the surroundings. Like if the place is called, the creature that possibly evolve can have scales or things in order to make them survive. It can be that we can not detect them either because they are too advance than us or they did not evolve yet to level that can be detectable. It is really possible that all the while, they are just watching us or waiting for a chance to invade. Well, that is what I believe. Do you..?
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• Bangladesh
10 Oct 08
I believe in God.And I think a parallel world has been created by God.Parallel line never meets together.Thats why we never meet with other citizen of the world.
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
I am an LDS. I believe in God. I do not know if where did he putted the other things that he created because i never knew if it was in the Bible. I really believed that creatures can really exist in other worlds because there is a very high possibility. They can really evolve. But, as far as i have known, even though how ADVANCED they can be, God made us superior to these things. Thanks for the reply.
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
I have read the Celestine Prophesy and it said that the mayans are still here on earth but on a different level. Just what you said they might be watching us destroy this earth! This is also possible but we need proofs.