What will happen if the world ends?

October 10, 2008 9:16am CST
Probably i would love to visualize it but in practical its deadlier.I must say that it may be beautiful if things get going in right direction rather than making something worse.Our part in destruction have always been carried out through global warming and other phenomenon.Yet we feel secure everytime we plant a tree.This world will never end till we have hope in our hearts.
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• China
12 Oct 08
we do not ignore the problem ,it will happen finally, now ,we should face it carefully ,in the daily life,we save the everything, do ur best to fulfill the wishes.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
10 Oct 08
Hello,Sridhar! Everything in this world has a beginning and ultimately one day it will meet its end.So the creation will meet its end one day.So many devastation have already occurred in this world earlier and many civilizations have been buried in the earth.So there is apprehension around the world that we are going experience such a devastation on 21ist December 2012.Let us wait so long to see the end of the present civilization.And after the devastation something new would generate to start a new civilization.thanx.
• Brazil
10 Oct 08
so... all will ends to.. will not be so funny.. lol I really hope this take a looonnng time to happen.. lol
@aanthe (61)
• China
10 Oct 08
i would do all the things i like. such as, staying quietly with my lover and my parents, my sisters. take all my time to enjoy the beautiful life that i have never found. i'm not upset, but i really want to rest..