Internet works, but browser doesn't?

United States
@sedel1027 (17875)
October 10, 2008 10:53am CST
I swear I am the only person this stuff happens to LOL Two days ago, I was working online and my browser just stopped working. FF & IE wouldn't connect, or Outlook. My MSN Messenger and other online tools still worked.... My husband was home and he was playing EVE & talking on ventrillo. He though that vent may be eating up the bandwith, so he go off for a minute. That wasn't the problem. Then he tried the browsers on his PC and they didn't work either. We know the internet was working because we could still do other things online. I gave it about 2 hours and was about to call the cable company when the browser started working again. We never did figure out what happened. I have talked to other folks with the same company and they did not have any problems. My husband does tech support and IT work and he said that he had never seen anything happen like this. What do you think caused this? ISP being a jerk? Random other issue?