I love Torrents

United States
October 10, 2008 12:42pm CST
I have just jumped into the world of torrents and i am absoluting loving. I have already downloaded Dark Knight Iron Man Vendetta, Eagle Eye, and well my feddish which are comic books. I have so many comic books from the first X-men to the last. Years worth of comics - I thought it was pretty cool. I never knew that there were such a thing out there. And when i first started doing it I couldn't understand how to get things to be seen but then one day everything was made clear and pow- I now look for a movie download and watch- I don't know why people waist money on the movies when they can do this. But what ever. But is this concidered piracy? I don't sell them, I watch them like i would a rented movie. anyways who else knows this nifty little secret and why have you kept it to yourself?
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@psuser (36)
• Morocco
11 Oct 08
Welcome to the torrents world dude ;)
• Malaysia
10 Oct 08
Yes it is considered piracy. You can be sued by the copyright holders for piracy; they've already done so with music. Even if YOU are not selling them, you're sharing the movies with others who might? But in any case what counts as piracy is that you're not paying the legitimate copyright holders when you view their product (regardless of how crappy the movies are). Congratulations on self-incriminating yourself. Before you talk about torrents, you might want to read up on its issues next time.
@Zephier (73)
• United States
10 Oct 08
Yes, it is piracy. You wonder why people waste money buying movies? I ask why you waste hard drive space on them? Especially with the ones you've mentioned are boring movies. Torrents are also the quickest way to get caught downloading movies illegally, have your computer infected with viruses and/or spyware (which is more likely) by malicious uploaders and even possibly compromise the security of your computer. What's really dumb though is that you incriminated yourself.
• United States
10 Oct 08
You are stealing other people's work. This is illegal and immoral. A waste? Ok, I'm coming to your house and I'm going to steal everything you have. Hey why should I buy it legally when I can just steal it from you! Get my point... WAKE UP! Oh well, if you are stupid enough to announce your stealing on a public forum you'll be in jail soon anyway.