Wal Mart's attendance Policy

United States
October 10, 2008 1:37pm CST
A couple of days ago, my daughter was really sick.She is 20 and lives with me and also works at Wal Mart. I had to take her into the doctor and the doctor had told her under no circumstances should she go into work. He had written a dr's slip and I brought it into work that night, since I had to go in. They wouldn't even look at the slip and had said that because she called in 4 times within a 6 month period (each time being legitimately sick) that they might fire her. She is a good worker, had just gotten a car and because of this attendance policy in place, may lose everything that she has worked so hard to get. There are those that milk this attendance policy and get by with it. I had told them that she didn't plan on getting gastrointestinal infection, it just happened. I thought the doctor's note would be sufficient proof that she was sick, but Wal Mart does not acknowledge doctors slips any more. She went down there the next day to find out if she will still have her job on Saturday and they would not give her any information or a straight answer. I have talked to my boyfriend about this and he suggested that I contact the American Civil Liberties Union about this on Monday. Any other suggestions would be helpful? I don't want to see her get fired, she has been through so much in the past month, this would crush her. We live in a small town and the jobs around here are minimal. I cannot afford to pay her bills along with mine. It is a scary time right now.