dead grandpa

United States
October 10, 2008 6:12pm CST
so a few nights ago i had another strange dream.. i deamt thati was visitingt my mother in law and that i went to her apartment. and when i walked into teh place, it looked all fuzzy, like if i was in a cludy dream, and teh walls werre a soft pink and it felt like if i touched them they would be like soft clouds or pillow.. i remember seeing my mother in law andf she looked younger than she is now, and she loked healthier too. he limp in her leg was gona and she dindt have to walk with a cane. also there was something so nice about that place. the apartment felt like home, and all i coulkd think of when i was there was teh word "heaven". well it got to the point where my mother in law said, "josh's grandpa's asking for him" i expected to see his grandfather there, but instead she handed me the phone..i talked into teh phone, and his grandfather answered, asking for my fiance and how he was doing. i told him he was doing ok and that he missed him and his grandfather said he missed him to and that he had to go but to tell him he loved him. a few minutes later i woke up my finces grandfather has been dead for a few months now.. ive had psychic dreams before and premonitions, but ive never had anyone actually try to communicate with me before like that. i had bno reason to be dreaming about his grandfather either, and i havent had any thoughst about him for months, so i dont think anything influenced me to dream about him. i was meditating before i fell asleep though. could it have really been him??
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
10 Oct 08
I read somewhere that when he sleep we can be visited by people who have passd on and that we are in such a state of preperation for us for when our turn comes to move said that we are prepared all through our lives within our sleep even though we don't know it because the after life is so different we need to be prepared...maybe so,,