Will you try to track down the owner...

@bvdev234 (304)
October 11, 2008 1:25am CST
You are walking through a street, found a handbag with about 100 $ in it. What will you do? Just walk away leaving it there (!), or what? Will you go to next police station, or try to track down the owner yourself?
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11 Oct 08
Hi bvdev234, Few years ago, I came out of the hostial and went to the phpne box to ring my husband up to pick me up, as I went in the phne box(I didn't have a cellphone then) I found a bag with a purse and keys books,all sorts were in there, when my husband came to pick me up, we drove straight to the police station and handed over to them. Three weeks later the was a bouch of flowers delivered to me fro ther person who lost the bag with a thank you note in it. Tamara
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14 Oct 08
Hi bvdev234, Thank you very much for giving me best response, cheers! Tamara
@potrish78 (742)
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
I will definitely not leave it there. I will look through some identification that will give me information as to the whereabouts of the owner and will try to track them down myself. If there's a phone number in the wallet, I will call that number and inform them about the handbag. But if I found no identification I will have the police handle the situation.
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@cocooreo (706)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 08
If that happened to me, first I will look for the identification card. If the card is there, I would hand it over to the police station or any information counter nearby. If there's no identification card in the handbag, most probably I will take the handbag for myself as there's no way to track the owner anymore.