Do you have anything that you regret?

@ourfff (64)
October 11, 2008 2:15am CST
Now i youth,in the past when i was a child there was a girl ,she was my classmate.She was fat and tall .That i was young and didn't know what i did would hurt her ,just for fun so i gave her a nickname "nanni" a very fat hen in a cartoon.Soon, many of my friend called her this name,at that moment,i was proud of myself.One day a friend tole me that girl often cried at home because of her appearance,and then i felt sorroy for my behavior.Up to now wnen i recall it i still blame myslef and hope for her forgiveness.
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@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
your story was very touching, so how is the girl now? as for me, there is really one thing that I regret so bad right now. early this year I had a feud with my relatives and I just keep quiet and did not stand up for my own, I wish I did and regret that I don't. I should have curse him and scream to them how I really hate them specially my aunt who always make fun of my mom when I was a child, she was very jealous of my mother and us because we are prettier and fairer to them. I really wish I stand up then and fight, until now I dream about it and ion my dream I fight. haay