Did you know that the Green Party of Canada is for legalization of Marijuana?

October 11, 2008 6:56am CST
Yes, they are. I just received an email from them to that effect. Here is a copy of their response. "The Gren Party is for legalization of marijuana and would treat it similar to how alcohol and tobacco is treated." And I thought the NDP was the only part with a policy on legalization of MJ. The email response I received from the NDP says that their first step would be to decriminalize MJ, then they would have an open debate. Here is a copy of the NDP response. "The federal NDP is the only national party that actually has a resolution and a policy for decriminalization of marijuana. And, in advocating that position, we understand that we need a drug policy that does not rely primarily on our legal system. This policy must be part of a broader drug strategy that focuses on a health based approach, as recommended by a 2002 Special Committee on the Non-Medical Use of Drugs on which NDP MP Libby Davies played an important role. We want Canada to take steps that reflect a more intelligent and compassionate direction on marijuana use. Not only have our courts ruled differently on medical marijuana and our government responded accordingly but also there is a growing chorus of established opinion for a different approach to the possession of marijuana for personal use. Decriminalization, we believe, is a first step, but it is not the only step. It is a first step to what needs to be an open debate about the failure of the current practices and the need to focus on the real issues such as: avoiding needless criminalization of citizens; and working with youth on health and social effects - particularly impaired driving." What do you think about that?
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