Kids and pocket money!

@Fedas777 (140)
October 11, 2008 7:51am CST
One of the most common problems is kids and pocket money. To give money for the kids without any reason can make them feel not responsible. From another side by giving money for the kids you can learn them what money are and what they need them for. This can prepare them for the life. My oldest daughter is 10 y/o and i am giving for her some pocket money every friday just before weekend. That to get money she must to do well in school and to do homework well. She must listen at home and to do things like tidying her bedroom. If she didn't do one day well enough i am not giving money for that day. She can use money on what she want is it a sweets or magazines i don't care but if she will want to save money to buy something more expensive i will encourage her to do this and will add some money when she will collect big enough amount. What about you? Do you give money for you kids or no? What is your opinion about this question?
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@AbbeyB (670)
• Spain
11 Oct 08
My kids earn their pocket money by doing chores around the house I think they need to understand even at an early age they need to earn money and it doesnt grow on trees.
@APPCHEM (113)
• Pakistan
11 Oct 08
i don't have much idea regarding this as my daughter is too small to get allowances. but i guess giving money to kids for no reason can spoil them. they must also learn how to save as it will help them in future.
@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
i have a niece who is in second grade now. ever since she started school her mom doesn't give her money for allowance. she just packs her snacks so she won't be able to buy foods that aren't too nutritious. you know how kids love those. she also has her own piggy bank. but my mom is a bit of a spoiler. she has a soft spot for her grandkids (i think all grandparents do), so she just gives her anything she wants. but we always set a limit. she knows what she can't and can afford. i have a daughter too and she'll be starting school soon. i don't plan to give her money for allowance too. that way i could monitor what she eats and stuff. i'm not into rewarding her with money every time she does something good coz she might get used to it and will do good for the sake of money or any reward. of course, we've got to indulge them sometimes but just make sure they know the limit. it's a real blessing if our kids will grow up knowing how to value money coz looking at some of the young kids today, they just don't have any idea how hard it is to earn money. it's also because their parent let them be....