How would you know if a Guy really loves you?

October 11, 2008 9:51am CST
Hi friends once do i know if she really loves me?do i need to count every little things she's done in my favor? should i look forward, and ask for a better future? - Probably I can't make the third one, I am not that kind, i mean not demanding one. But I'm easy to fall. Well in my opinion what you should look out for as signs of a guy's loves how he acts around you and towards you. if you can tell that he/she's at their best when she's around you, or when she goes through great measures just to see you or do something for you, and if she's genuinely concerned of your wellfare, then i guess you can tell that the guy loves you. ( well, that's how i'd show my love, anyways). i want to know how do you think about how can a guy tell that the girl really loves him?
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