Do you brush your teeth twice a day?

Toothbrush - Do you bush your teeth everyday?
October 11, 2008 10:10am CST
Do you brush your teeth two times a day? I brush my teeth daily but only once a day. What about you, how often do you brush your teeth? Is it really o a daily basis or do you skip brushing your teeth sometimes? Do you brush your teeth i the night also? Does your daily routine highlights your daily routine of brushing? Do you really think it is necessary to brush your teeth everyday?
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• United States
12 Oct 08
Yes, you should brush your teeth twice a day or you could wind up with no teeth. I would say atleast brush them one time a day but no time a day may cause someone to have no teeth and I don't know about everyone else but there is nothing worst than someone talking to you and their breath smell bad.
@cocooreo (706)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 08
yeah.. I brush my teeth twice a day. After wake up and before go to sleep. It's already a habit. If I don't brush it, feels like my mouth stink and some weird feeling on my teeth.
@Fedas777 (140)
• Ireland
11 Oct 08
I am brushing my teeth daily in the morning. Sometimes i brush my teeth twice in the morning and before go to bed. But i am also getting situations when i don't get a chance to brush them at all. Well dentist is a usual thing for me
@aidenw (632)
• United States
11 Oct 08
i brush my teeth daily but like you i only do it once day. i usually brush in the morning to feel fresh at the start of the day. if you talk to a dentist they will tell you to brush your teeth 5 times a day. when you wake up, after every meal (assuming you eat 3 meals a day) and before you go to bed. i think that's ideal but a bit too much and impractical for many people. i think it's good to brush your teeth at least twice a day but i'm lazy :p hey, i don't have any cavities so far so i think i'm ok :)
@dolcias (302)
• Egypt
11 Oct 08
sometimes even more than 3 times a day
@BinaryKat (738)
• United States
11 Oct 08
It is very necessary to keep your teeth clean of food and to keep your breath fresh. Also decreases your chances of getting gum disease like the other mylotter said. I got a very bad form of gum disease and in my case, it is genetic on my dad's side of the family. I had to go through a surgicial procedure about four years ago to save my top and bottom teeth from falling out as it was in its first stages. So since then I had to change my brushing habits and brush my teeth after eating meals when I could and religiously use Listerine to kill bacteria. Like before I said that it is good to brush your teeth to keep your breath fresh as it rids of any debris. I remember reading a news article where a girl had religiously kept her teeth clean with brushing and flossing. She had no cavities and her teeth were given a clean bill of health everytime she went to the dentist. Well one time after coming back from a party late night, she decided not to brush her teeth as she was very tired. She woke up the next morning and had a very foul smell coming out her mouth and no matter how much she brush and her rinsed teeth, it didn't stop. She went to the dentist and found out she had halitosis. So I think for some people it is necessary to brush your teeth everyday.
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
11 Oct 08
Yes, I do. I brush in the morning and in the night. I must keep my teeth fresh and cleanly. So I can reduce the toothache. Toothache is very annoying me, so I hope I don't feel the pain again. keep post happy myLotting...