family interfearence.....why me?

United States
October 11, 2008 10:28am CST
Okay I'm still extremely new to all this so, I'm going to try to do this...... I have been with my husband for five years now and we just recently got married on December 31st 2007. My mother has had a problem with my husband on and off for the last four years. Basically when my husband wasn't doing something to help her out because of my younger brothers laziness then she didn't like my husband. My mother said also been saying numerous things to people that isn't even true and it hurts bad because I love my mother but, she's telling lies about my husband and I love my husband more than I love her. My husband has never laid a bad hand on me since we have been together and she's told people that he's beaten me. Anyways, I know this is alot of mixed up blah but, it's the only way to get my point across. I have missed numerous family functions because I just didn't want to go. My mother told everyone it was my husbands fault....not true again. My husband has tried to make me goto all my family functions didn't happen. I am an outsider when it comes to my family but, it doesn't bother me to be an outsider anymore. I love my family more than anything but, sometimes I just want to be at home with my own family. I'm a mother of two, a wife of one, a sister to three, an aunt to four wonderful children, a cousin too many and a niece to many great aunts and uncles. I have a busy life and sometimes I just want to chill with MY family (my kids and my husband). My wedding was was. My mother and my father neither one had showed up to my wedding even after being invited. I have one brother in Jackson and he didn't show hurt badly to see that they didn't care but, I'm a grown women and I'm in love and wanted to marry the love of my life so, I figure you don't like sweat off my back I can do what I want when I want. So, I still got married without postponing the wedding. My bestfriend of 19 years also missed my wedding was so hard not to cry but, I kept the tears held back because it was my day. My side of the family that showed up was one of my aunts, one of my cousins (my last minute witness), my two children, and my only surviving grandmother and grandfather. I was happy that they showed up because honestly I didn't think anyone in my family would show up. Another aunt of mine and my uncle would have came but, they had gotten called into work but, my aunt helped make it up to me. On my husbands sid of the family all that came was his parents, his brother, brothers girlfriend, and his niece but....thats all we invited from his family besides his sister. After getting married I cried happy tears for knowing at least a few in my family cared and were there for me on my day of happiness. Okay the point of this was to see if anyone at all on mylot could relate to family or mother interfearence with a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.
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