Armed Robbery at My College

United States
October 11, 2008 1:35pm CST
I'm still reeling about this one! Yesterday at 1:45 I had just finished lunch and was talking with a friend as we walked through our Student Union Building. I glanced into our little "convenience store" as we passed, saw two people, thought nothing of it. Around 2:05 I walked back through, went to my dorm room. A few minutes later I got a campus alert about an armed robbery at the exact store I'd been outside of at the time it happened. I'm so MAD! If I'd paid ATTENTION I could have called 911 and we could have made sure this guy got caught! As it is he's just prancing about free right now, they haven't been able to find him. Apparently he robbed safeway last week, too. I can't believe someone really walked into the middle of our campus with a knife and robbed that store...with tons of people around... not only that it was DONE but that just like me no one NOTICED. Besides, he probably got what, fifty bucks? That store doesn't do much business. O.o
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• Malaysia
15 Oct 08
woww! what a great expriance you had. i once had such situation,but i was far away when the robbery happen.actually like 4-5 shops away from the scene was a jewellery shop,happen aroung the moment,there was not many people,so no public people injured reported,only the guard on duty had been shooted at the leg.police arrived 10 minutes after the robbers got away.yeah..damn slow! since that day,i went to mall after 12pm.hahahah