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October 11, 2008 1:55pm CST
ok so i hd another life like and really weir dream last night, this one involving my ex boyriend i think. i say i think because first it wasnt him then it was. so it started off with me walking alone down a dark street, alon a sort of dam or a bridge i think. something ended up happening and i think i ended up slipping or almost falling in, then some guy with dark hair caught me before i fekll in. well it wasnt a guy it was a man, but not old either like maybe 25? well he just asked me if i was ok and i remember thinking man this guyis so cute, but i dint know who he was and i said i was fine and started walking away, then out of no where he just grabbed my arm and spun me around and kissed me. i felt like i was kissing someone i had known all my life..then he turned into my ex boyfriend for some reason and we justwalked off into the night, holding eachother. there was alot more to the dream, i just dont quite remember, but i remember that the next part of teh dream it was daylight and it was still my ex boyfriend that i was with, but i remember something happened that was tearing us apart, i just dont know what it was. i remember waking up, upset that i couldnt finish the dream, or maybe upset because it was all a dream and i wanted it just a bit to be real. my ex and i have been separated for about four years now, and i havent had any contact with him, but its upsetting to have thoughts like that lingering in the back of my mind. that dream seemed so real, it threw me back to four years ago...
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@bigott (619)
• India
11 Oct 08
Dreams are fascinatin' but they are extremely absurd.You start wid someone else and end wid some else ('i was runnin' wid my friend and when i look him again after some distance i see i was runnin' wid Cobaim (wtf) ).Dreams are rather confusin' than absurd i must corect myself. INterpretin' your dream i can say it is your mere imagination.But dealin' ur dream in psycolgical way i think u r unable to forget your ex. Well u spend 4 year widout him but he is still somewhere in your subconscious mind(worst part of human body)and if i have relate this dream to your real life i can say that your past is the biggest obstacle in your future.