You know it's all lies.

@hardluck (375)
United States
October 11, 2008 2:18pm CST
I'm a republican, I going to vote for McCain, There is nothing anyone could say to change my mind. Outside of giving me someone else to vote for. But what I would like to know is how many of you understand that Obama and McCain both are making promises that they know they can and will not keep. Once they get in office they are going to do what there party tells them to do, because they know if they don't they will wined up just like J. F. K., you can not buck the sytem. I believe that our goverment is to big and has no concerne for the people of this country, their out for number one, they just want to get in the history books. 2008 is going to be a first, no matter what party wins the white house, either we will have the first black pres., or the first woman vice pres.. But it would not make any different, they could take a hillbilly out of the back woods and the out come would be the same. No one person runs this country, and no one person can make a different. I look at CNN some, their always talking but they never say anything, unless it is to sling mudd, then they are clear about what they say. I don't even know how much $700 billion dollars is, but the goverment gives it to wall street to bail them out and who do you think is losing money in the stock market, that's right the rich polotions in Washington. So while the richmans dancing the poor man pays the band. But I just wanted to tell you that Obama is not going to help you, and McCain is not going to help you. The only thing we can do is pick the less of the two evils and vote your heart. I hope we do the right thing, but I have my douts. Let's all write in none of the above, and make them give us someone else to vote for.
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@minerc (1373)
• United States
29 Oct 08
Great Idea unfortunately not everyone will do it. Just like the gas and grocery situations we could of change it if everyone would of just not bought them for a week or so and depended on there local farmers instead of the grocery stores the prices would of went down for sure. I am voting for McCain as well I dont agree with all he says or does but there are certain issues that he stands for that I totally agree with him on. I think that everyone should vote for McCain because it will decrease the size of our government and reduce the pork. For a none of the above vote it only increase Obama's chances and by the end of his term the Government will be even bigger than it is now.