why is the authority in the wrong hands???

United States
October 11, 2008 6:09pm CST
i absolutely hate some of teh supervisonrs where i work! well its not some much that i hate them, i hate their habits! whe cant peopel see that some people just shouldnt be in tose positions? for example,, theres this one supervisor who loves to use teh work phone for personal business,. i swear if you have a question about your job, she will have you there waiting like an idiot untill she finishes up her call with her boyfriendd, and then shell snap at you for askinag question. she also likes to pull that "do as i say, not as i do" bull that frankly, just doenst fly with me. for example. i liek to be barefoot at work, its just my thing, i wear flip flops or ballet slipper shoes, and i like to be barefoot, which, no other supervisor but her has a problem with. one day i had to help my my friend with his car because its batter died an dhe asked me to go outside with him. her, always wanting to be involved with everything that s none of her business, yells that she wanst to go with him, even though shes teh ONLY supervisor on the floor. of course, he says no and i run outside beffore she can, and help him move his car and start it up. so when i go inside, sheyells at me to clock in, and and i notice that she NO shoes on (like she yells at me for doing) and i think "this is my chance!" so i tell her, "im going, and put your shoes on." omg you should have seen the look on her face, and she says " why are you talking back to me?" an di let her knwo that she gets after me for doing the same thing, and being a supervisor doesnt mean that the rules dont apply to her. and that point she just kept her mouth shut. i mean, what else could she say? she still tells me crap like that, but not so much oftern i guess she just needed to be put on the spot like that. oh and thats not the only thing she complains about. she gets after us for eating on the floor, all tis while stuffing a taco in her mouth (the sad part is im not joking ive seen her do it) and she has her favorites. shes one of those peopel that she can nark you out for being on myspace at work while shes there messeging the person in the back row, same thing with cell phoen use, shes tried so hard to catch me and some other people with on our phones, which has never happened, and shes always letting her favorites at work play on their cell phoens all day long. now moving on to my MANAGER....I SWAER, THIS PERSON CANNOT KEEP TRACK OF WHATS GOING ON. WHEN I WAS GOING TO COLLEGE FOR THe SUMMER I TOLD HER IT WAS ONLY GOING TO BE ABOUT 2 MONTHS, AND A WEEK AFTER SUMMER SESSION, i told her that i was out already.. my schedul didnt change so i thought, whatever she dont care then. a month later i asked her if she could change my schedul to morinigs becasue my mom wanted a job and i was goning to help her with the kids....and she asks.."arent you going to school?" omg... i told her that i havent been in school for almaost a month now, and not ionly did she refuse to change my schedule so i coudl help my mom, she got after me, saying that i should have told her as soon as i had gotten out of school (which i had) yea she also has a really bad habit of not scheduling your days off even when you request them, and then asking you to prove it with a copy of teh form and if you dont have it youre screwed and if you do she complains about it...yay for managers
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• Philippines
12 Oct 08
Hi there grlsntgry7! There are managers and supervisors who deserve their position just because of their academic qualifications and work experiences. But there are those who do not deserve their positions based on their attitudes. Somehow, there are people who are good managers at first but start changing after they stay long in that position. I understand your story. In fact, I empathize with you. My immediate superior always tries to find the wrong things about what I do. She used to be a very kind person -- very caring. I thought we were good friends. When she was promoted and became my superior, she changed a lot. I really do not know her anymore.