Do you love your dog this much?

@taface412 (3176)
United States
October 11, 2008 8:23pm CST
Today after I got home from work I noticed my dad had put my one of my dogs, Mimi, out on the leash. Well, this is normal because she predominantly is an indoor dog. She is a mixed collie breed. But she likes to wander off with my other dogs and they have a tendency to leave her....but anyhow that is another issue. Well, today I got inspired to write and article while i was waiting for dinner to get done. ANd after awhile I noticed the time and looked out the window....and I remembered Mimi, she hates to be in the dark. ANd it was I ran outside to get her when I looked at the tree and saw no Mimi. I knew exaclty what happened the moment I yelled her name and I heard a barking in the distance....she had broke the chain and got trapped in the woods. My biggest fear. Because there are coyotes out here and in the Fall it is the worst you can hear them howling in the bare fields....well anyhow I trucked it across the field, without a flashlight nor a leahs DUH!!! on my part. I finally get close to where she was but obviously could not see her.....trucked it back to the house and got a flashlight and leash and my dad and I went back for her....well after some more walking through the fields that are connected by fields...I found here...trapped by the chain lease hooked to a huge branch. So happy to see each other I leashed her up and brought her home and now she will not leave my side....because she knows what would have happened just like I did....but I still am upset with the other dogs... So for sake of discussion....what lengths have you gone for your dog?
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@katkat (2379)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
You really love your dog as you don’t care to bring flashlight with you or anything that can help if ever you encountered a coyote. I think it’s natural to love your dog and be concerned in its welfare. For me I’ll do everything to protect my dog. All my family member panic when my dog is gone missing. We can’t find him in the house and in the neighborhood. After an hour we saw him emerging in our cousin’s house. We feel relief at the same time angry. I want to yell at him at that time but instead I hug him. I’m really worried and my family as well. He’s like our youngest member of the family and the spoiled one.
@cocooreo (706)
• Malaysia
13 Oct 08
My dogs always like to wander around the neighborhood I stayed in. There was once when she's just a little puppy, she ran off without my notice. I was washing my car and I tot she's in the house playing. After my car washing chore done, the I tried to find her. No respond.... nothing. I searched every room and she's not there. During that time, I was very panic and scared if she has ran outside and be taken by someone else. She's an adorable puppy. Who wouldn't want to take her away? My husband and I walked around the neighborhood to look for her. Until one house, I saw her playing with a child inside another house. The owner of the house is a very kind man and returned our puppy to use. Since that day, we have covered up our gate to prevent my dog to go out.
@minx267 (14650)
• Hartford, Connecticut
12 Oct 08
I would go to whatever lengths were necessary for my dogs. They get out of the yard periodically, and I have had to drive the car around the block to retrieve all of them. I have lost a kitten at the vets office once and spent hours looking for him. when I couldn't find him. I went home and came back at 2am (when I knew it would be quieter and he could hear me and I could hear his meow. And I had barely pulled in the parking lot and called his name when he came crying and running around the corner of the building. then skidded to a stop because I must've looked strange in the headlights of the car- It took me another 1/2 hour or more to coax him to me and take him home, finally. So I would certainly do the same if not more for my dogs.
• United States
12 Oct 08
It's normal to love your dog that much. They're called man's best friend for a reason. Dogs and humans bond in amazing ways, and a dog would do the same for you. While I don't have a pet, and never needed to do such a thing for a pet, I had a previous pet of mine (dog) save my life. I was playing with the neighbor's dog when I was only about seven years old. It got upset for whatever reason and starting growling at me. My dog dashed around from the other side of the house (the most surprising thing I'd ever seen; she was like 90 in dog-years and hardly ever even did anything other than lay in one spot) and attacked and defeated the neighbor's dog, which was a trained guard dog. It doesn't surprise me that people would do the same for their dogs, what their dogs would do for them.