Is believing a blessing or a curse?

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October 11, 2008 11:51pm CST
I have found myself believing in many things throughout my life, especially in people. Every time I belive in someone and they let me down I think to myself, " I wont let this happen next time." Even when I act skeptical, deep down I believe that every person can be good and can love. Believing is twice as good as any emotion a person can feel, but getting let down often seems like the end of the world. Can a believer help herself/himself? Are we blessed to be so trusting in people or are we cursed and doomed to be let down by everyone we meet? When does believing become knowing?
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@IgotHere (13)
• United States
13 Oct 08
Well I would say keep it in balance, to make it simple try to engage your brain every time you deal with someone, if you follow your heart only you might fail! This life is full with different people with different ideas, thoughts and behavior, however if you love someone then this is perfect, but don't loose yourself for him/her. Try to examine them in the hard times not on what they say because talk is very easy, remember not to do anything they want. I actually have believed that if you help people and do good things in your life then god will always put the good people on your ways and will never let you down! Just keep being a good person as you are. Hope this will help. Regards,
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12 Oct 08
Well amberjean3, You have to believe in something at some point in your life. It depends on whether truth is the foundation of that belief. I feel that you are referring to trusting people that we interact with. In that instance, it is a learning experience. I don't think we are doomed by any means. We allow people to have access to our lives in different kinds of relationships. It is a fact, that in anyone's lifetime someone will hurt you in some way, shape or form, be it intentional or not. You will friend liars, deceivers, haters and the list goes on, so don't feel alone. We all have or will become acquainted with them. It's trial and error, getting knowledge and wisdom to make the right informed choices is a must. Now, with so many impostors, its hard to find the real. If you ask God to show you the true nature of any person in faith He will. He answers prayers. Without His guidance, we will fall prey to anyone who is out to destroy. We have to start using good judgment and stop letting our emotions and bodies lead us astray from what our heart is warning us away from. We must use simple common sense and instincts. I hope this helps. Thanks. Blessings...