Can you live without your dog??

October 12, 2008 12:24am CST
I klnw this is not a good question to ask...because every owner feels tht he can't imagine his life without his u think so too.....I think so because my dog is my best frd n u knw today dogs are better than human beings...they are more honest towards us??wht say?
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@minx267 (14580)
• Hartford, Connecticut
12 Oct 08
nope. I will never be with out a dog. or 2. Right now I have 4. I waited forever to be a dog owner. And they haven't disappointed me. I love my dogs they are like my children. I have lost 2 to age and cancer. And had to put one down this year- very heartbreaking. But the love I get from them makes up for it. they are great friends and great protectors.
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@divinchris (2449)
• India
12 Oct 08
Hi friend!I have a dog now if I miss him I will feel very bad.But a day will come when he will be no more so I should be able to live without him.So its natural that I miss him but I can carry on my life ahead.But the memories he gave me will be long lasting as he is like my younger brother.Thanks for this discussion.Happy myLotting
@katkat (2379)
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
Probably not, I can’t imagine my life without my best companion. I will miss him so much if ever the time comes that he have to live me. My life would be different without my dog. It would be boring and no one will be there waiting for me to come home. But I guess I should accept that he’s not there forever. I will treasure every moment I have him by my side.
@cocooreo (706)
• Malaysia
13 Oct 08
If my life without dog, I think my house will be much cleaner. Also, I would have much time for myself as I don't need to clean their pee and poo everyday. However, this will not bring me happiness. I will be bored with everyday routine without my best companions. They always sit next to me when I am in front of my computer. I would have less conversation with my husband because most of the time now we talk about our dogs. Therefore I like to have my dogs around as much as possible.
@SHAMRACK (8443)
• India
12 Oct 08
Dear friend, May be it would sometimes as feeling of missing of my best friend, I do have lived without my dogs may be if I have to go out or be out of my home for many days. But living without my dog for whole life of me is bit difficult. I would like to only know that my dog is going well anywhere it is even with other owners.