make your own story by changing the capitilized words

United States
October 12, 2008 12:42am CST
Once upon a time in a land called BARBAJELLY there lived a FAT ELF. Every sunday he would run through the town with his PANTS off and SCARE all the little FAIRIES. One day the smallest FAIRY had an idea. She quickly gathered all her friends together in the JUM-JUM FLOWER. They wrote a letter to THE GIANTS in the land over the MOUNTAINS and accross the RIVER OF LALABUMTUM. Then, they waited for sunday to arrive. Sure enough, when sunday was upon them the ELF could be seen in the distance RUNNING at full speed with his TONGUE flapping in the wind. When he reached the middle of the town there they were... 5 humungus GIANTS with no PANTS on. The ELF was so imbarrassed he left BARBAJELLY crying ITS OK MR WINKY and the FAIRIES jumped for joy. Oh yeah, the FAIRIES also became very acquanted with the GIANTS from sunday till saturday. The End
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• India
12 Oct 08
A different idea,its great man.Its more interesting in this way
• United States
12 Oct 08
haha, it reads so cute~Well done! Happy mylotting~