Do you believe the retailiation of snake?

October 12, 2008 1:36am CST
I remember there was one thing influnce me a lot. Until today, I am still worried about that experience. When I was in the high school, we often climb the hill near our school. One day, we went there again. Suddenly,we saw a snake. We were so scared that one classmate caught a stone and threw to the snake. The snake was dead. We left the hill without worried. The second day, we still went there, but we found the snake disappeared. We started to worry about ourselves. Although we did not believe superstition, the matter was so strange. The things really went wrong. We were all ill. We felt there were many strange thought in our brain. Our grandparents said that we must be entangled by the snake. So one of parent went there to confess toward the dead snake. At last , we were still serious. Even one of my classmate was mad . He hurted everyone who passed by. I went to hospital. The docter checked me and said I got OCD, was a kind of ill in spirit. The ill maybe caused by character and stimulation. How pain I was! I also heard that my classmates were ill seriously. Today, I spend my day in the pain all the time. My friend told me to confess toward the dead snake.The matter is so strange that I could never forget. Because there were many temples on the hill, the snake absorded the spirit and became spirituality. I am worried my life and the OCD. Do you believe this?
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