you can't die if you haven't done what?

October 12, 2008 1:38am CST
There's more to life than meets the eye, they say.. Time passes so fast and yet i am not done with the things that I really want to do. my greatest dream is to travel around the world because I want to explore different places, eat their food, and know their culture. But I have also these simple dreams like I want to know how to swim (I only know how to float), I want to know how to drive a car, eventhough I don't have one and I want to be a great cook since I like yummy food. I know that these dreams will never be impossible only if I will really work hard to reach for it. What are the things that you really, really want to do and you don't want to die unless you have accomplished it?
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@pauld43 (194)
• United States
12 Oct 08
I would like to publish a book ,publish a song ,get really good at playing a musical instrument for starters .But most of all I would like to know my Jesus better .I want to be really tight with Him before I leave this world .That is most important .
@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
My ultimate goal in life is to have all my three children finish their studies so they can be independent and achieve their own goals in life. My youngest is still in kindergarten right now, so achieving my goal is quite a long time from today. Our eldest is graduating in high school, and will be in college next year. I'm really happy that her time to "fly" will just be a few years from now! I would like each of them to be stable and confident enough to "spread their own wings and fly". I constantly pray that nothing ever happens to me and my hubby so that we don't have to leave our children unprepared for life.