Your views on happiness

@bvdev234 (304)
October 12, 2008 2:51am CST
What are your views on happiness? What are the things that make you happy? Do you believe in others happiness is yours? Then tell how you will be treating others?
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• Philippines
12 Oct 08
Happiness has broad definition i can't state my views on this. There's only one thing that can make me happy, accepting me as me the whole me, there are instances that a some people want's to change other for some reasons. I have a friend that always saying, change this and that, you shouldn't this and that, i find it annoying, she's trying to change me to become other person. If she can't accept me as I am well she get out of my life. I'm not a judgmental person, i know that every person is different, i am the type of person that i accept whatever he/she is. I'm happy when my friends gets her/his dreams and ambition in life. I treat other people in a fair way, because i want them to treat me in that way too.
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