Why is coke very famous throughout the world?

@Masmasika (1922)
October 12, 2008 5:56am CST
Coke is very popular among all people. People consume too much coke everyday. Some people cannot live for a day without coke. I know a woman who doesn't drink any other cola drink except coke and I also know a woman who makes coke her water everyday. I am wondering why. The way i look at cola drinks is the same. This is the reason why i drink any kind of cola drink that is available. Is coke that important in our everyday life? Why is it so popular among all people?
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• India
18 Oct 08
u see coke taste different and also it contain more caffiene than pepsi or any other drinks. its just like why coffee is famous its addictive. i have see in south africa that people buy coke for double the price of pepsi. so i researched and came to this conclusion that coke is addictive...
@mayrah (1128)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
Of course it's not important in our daily life, it's just that some people been addicted to cola. Not all people are like them. Personally I love drinking cola but not too much, because I have low tolerance for any stimulant, every time I drink more than a glass of cola my anxiety level increases.And it's not good for our health.
@chrysz (1603)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
I agree that it is the marketing strategy that makes them famous. Also, coke is indeed famous but so is its counterpart pepsi cola but they have different taste. I don't like both, I prefer Mountain Dew of Pepsi. Coca Cola used to have a counterpart for mountain dew but it did not do well in the market. I also prefer rootbeer. I think its the caffeine content that makes it addicting and the caramel and other sweetener they use in manufacturing.