October 12, 2008 7:10am CST
Hi Friends, How are you? Hey did you see the Movie HELLO by SalmanKhan, it is nothing but the book written by Chetan Bhaghat One Night@ the Call Center.. The book is too good to read of course i read it six months ago but still i remember each character name and the story of the Novel.Author says it happened really and one angel joins him in the journey and tells asks the author to write a novel about that night when few guys working in a call center get a call from god.I don't how far it is true that it really happened or not but you know the story line up and the characters presentation every thing is too good to read. One who did not read the novel please read this and if you don't have the habit of reading then never forget to watch the movie HELLO... now it is on Screen you can book your tickets. But, the interest and craze you get in reading i think you don't get that in MOVIE.. fine all the best happy mylotting...
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