How Many Of U Get tears While Watching Movies????

October 13, 2008 4:40am CST
hi friends,how many of u ppl will get tears while watching sentimental movies??????????
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• Malaysia
13 Oct 08
I do tear up at times when I watch movies, but it depends on how engrossed I am in the movie and how sad the story is... Like, I cried watching AI...
@celticeagle (119872)
• Boise, Idaho
13 Oct 08
You can't tell me that you watched A Walk To Remember and didn't get alittle misty eyed. Come on! That would tell me that you folks have no heart!
@potrish78 (742)
• Philippines
13 Oct 08
I'm such a cry baby when it comes to watching movies. Even those moves with a different language but with subtitles, Oh! they all get into me. i can't help it. But in real life I'm a strong person, you would hardly see me crying. I don't know what's in those movies that makes me cry. And not only that, I do cry in some episodes of TV shows. lol. I'm such a cry baby really. lol
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
13 Oct 08
Hi aditya, I'm one of them, whenever I watch sad movie I also get emotional and my tears will flow at the same time. I remember watching the movie, "The Color Purple" and I burst into tears.
• Norway
13 Oct 08
Frequently when i watch a movie yes i`ll be commovated.But I`ll try not to watch kind of movies which are on sick people or true stories
• Malaysia
13 Oct 08
I'm a guy and sometimes I do that, when I'm alone that is. If I'm not alone, I will try my very best not to shed tears. Hahhaa. Well, I'm a Piscean anyway, and Pisceans are sentimental by nature.