@Chevee (5915)
United States
October 13, 2008 5:42am CST
My cousin lost her job about a year and a half ago, she was making candles for a hobby, after losing her job she turned her hobby into a business using the money she received from the job. She purchased all the things she needed for her business including have a building built on her property. Got her business license and her business started growing. She named her business after her first name Elodia (Elodiascandlescents) This picture is some of her candles. She does parties, wedding etc. She makes gift basket with her candles. She even sells little coffee mug warmers with her candles. You sit the candles on the warmer and the scent last longer than when you light the candle. Have you or do you know of anyone that changed a hobby into a business?
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@Effusive (156)
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28 Mar 09
My hobby is making baskets. I started making them when I had kids and had to but those expensive Easter baskets with nothing in it. I am trying to make it into a business now as I was laid off in January and can not find another job that pay me enough. With the economy and what it is now a days. I am glad that your cousin was able to take her hobby and make it into a business in order to make profit. I hope that I am able to do the same thing. There are lots of people that do not realize that the hobby that they are doing can be turned into a business. Everyone should try this whether they have a job or not. Everyone can use a little extra every now and again. Happy Mylotting
@Opal26 (17690)
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13 Oct 08
Wow! That was quite a brilliant idea! Candles are the best! Everyone loves candles! I know I do and just about everyone I know does. That was quite a good idea for a business. I'm glad things worked out for your cousin. I like her name too! It's really catchy! It's definitely a good business because people love to give and get candles as gifts. Very smart thinking and gift baskets are great for gift giving. I sometimes make my own, but on a very very small scale. I'm not that talented!
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13 Oct 08
no, don't guess i do. what a smart lady your cousin is. hope she is doing well w/it.
13 Oct 08
Hi Chevee, I think your cousin is briliant to do that, after losing her job, she is better off now, I don't know anyone who has turned their hobby into a business. Love & Hugs. Tamara