The life of a powerful person

@ruby222 (4848)
October 13, 2008 6:23am CST
I do not know about you but I am an avid newspaper article reader,and I love to read about other peoples lives,the way in which they live them.I have read a lot lately about our so called dour Prime minister Gordon article I read a day or so ago in one of the daily newspapers was a fascinating insight into how stressful and busy their lives are.On one hand you certainly can say that they are being paid vast sums of money for carrying out powerful positions,but on the other hand I would think it has to be a vocation too,if the passion and drive is not there then it would all be pointless.The article focussed on Gordon Browns home and family life,if you could call it that!He came in from `work` about ten o clock at night and his wife served up lamb chops for supper,his young son was still awake,and horror of horrors lol the wheel had fallen off of his toy truck,so he naturally wanted Daddy to fix it!which Daddy did..he then went on to start being interviewed..the interviewer described him as `being human`.which I found quite weird!He was described as having `odd` mannerisms and an unattractive nail biting habit,which rendered his finger nails to less than stumps..but it almost seemed as though we were measuring the man by his appearance,rather than his capabilities.There are many who would say that his capabilities are diminishing,his hold on his government and reality is waning.But I feel we really need to give him a chance.OK you could argue the toss and say h has had his chances..but the alternative is a youthful charismatic creature,with a lot less life experience,a man who seems to think that he will be able to solve all within a short while.Tony Blair was exactly that,a charismatic man,who was able to talk his way out of and around most issues,some of his policies good and others bad.But to gain an insight into what makes these people tick is very very interesting.
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@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
13 Oct 08
Hi ruby! I think that was a very interesting and warm and human article about a "real" man! What is wrong with a political figure being "human"? I find that to alot more endearing a quality than a person who is all about politics. It is not really fair to compare him to Tony Blair. They are two completely different types of people. Just because Prime Minister Brown has a "real" life and "real" family doesn't make him a bad politician. I think that the interview did him a great injustice if that was what his purpose was. This all has nothing to do with how well he does his job! No one can expect him to be like Tony Blair! That isn't even a fair comparison. Give the man a chance to prove his worth in his own way!
@ruby222 (4848)
14 Oct 08
Opal..the way that I tend to think is that no matter who is in charge of the country,be it Labour ,Conservative or Liberal Democrat they will have a tough task ahead of them anyway.Brown has old fashioned values,which is something to be admired,the nation is in trouble because we have lost these values.We not only a nation that has lost them,but for the bigger part most of the world has lost them too.The financial crisis has been induced by us,we are the guilty parties,we have wanted too much,we have as a nation borrowed too much money,and now the day of reckoning has come,the crash,it has collapsed around our ears,and who do we want to blame?Oh no,we dont want to take any blame ourselves,we want to lay it fairly and squarely at the feet of others!well that is wrong.If we have been a feckless nation then we have to stand and be counted,grin and bear it,and ride the storm,eventually the waves will subside,and a tranquil sea will be there again,but that day is a long way off.Yes you could argue that the amount of money borrowed has been because it has been easy to borrow at low rates of interest,but nobody twisted our arms and took us to the Banks and made us sign those forms..we went of our own volition..It would appear that I am a major fan of Gordon Brown,which is wrong,but my opinion is that whoever we get as a leader has his work cut out.