how to be a good person in this evil world?

October 13, 2008 6:36am CST
i have tried to be good in all but tis world pulls my leg when i'm upto my goal. i suceed when i'm bad i reach my goals easily . i cant signify this problem.
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• India
13 Oct 08
Yeah,can understand your situtation that's always been the case. But i wud always suggest you to keep going in your track irrespective of what others do or say. Ensure you are going on the right path always,doing good for urself and people around you. I agree I have seen many people achieving success easily by shortcut or bad means. I've envied seeing them earlier,but now I have realised I don't want such a success. You think such people will ever enjoy the taste of success,NEVER. But if we choose the right path,we might not be successful initially on a large scale,but we'll be really happy from inside. That's true success. Keep going. Don't turn back. Ensure your path is right!! :) Cheers :)