Help! My DVD drive won't play DVDs!

October 13, 2008 7:56am CST
Just like what the title says, my "super-multi DVD-RAM GSA H20N LG" drive wouldn't play any -blank or written- DVD discs that I try to use even though they ARE in its' playability range. I've had this computer for like 3+ years now and it never really played them since the beginning.. But I never wanted it til now, now I really really really need it but it just wouldn't work :'( it only plays normal CDs Can anyone give me any guidelines about this? I tried the updating the drive's driver(s) option and it still had no difference. I'd REALLY appreciate a helpful answer to this w
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@dragon10 (60)
• Morocco
13 Oct 08
hye i have like your dvd drive but it play very good . i think , in my opinion that you must 1:/unistal the driver of this dvd drive. 2:/ restart your computer. 3:/ install again your driver 4:/ restart your computer finaly you find that your dvd drive play dvd s
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• Bahrain
13 Oct 08
Are you 100% sure? D= Is that safe to do? I don't want to wreck my only drive! w
• Bahrain
14 Oct 08
Anyone else got a reply? That method didn't change anything w_)