Do you talk to your children after spanking them?

October 13, 2008 8:53am CST
We discipline our children in different ways. One of the most common forms of discipline is through spanking. But most of the times children don't understand the reason why they have been spanked because parents don't care to explain. As a mother, there are times that I'm no exception to that. But my husband and I have learned that it is important to explain to our kids the reason why we spanked them. In this way our children began to understand that discipline and spanking sometimes go together. Care to share your opinion?
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@ruby222 (4848)
13 Oct 08
I am not sure but as far as I believe spanking children is a no no in the UK ,in fact I am sure that the chldren are protected by law.I know a newspaper article said that a parent was followed back to his home by local police after an incident in which the parent smacked his child in a shopping mall for misbehaving.To me that is beyond the pale,if the child was playing up and out of control I see no harm whatsoever in a gentle slap to bring them back into line,but the nanny culture says not.The government want us to find other ways of controlling the children,and I am sure that is why there are more and more out of control children in the environment now.I as a Mother used to warn them,misbehaviour was not tolerated,they overstepped the mark and they would take the consequences,which would range from the taking away of priveleges,to being grounded,to not having their friends in to play with them.The thought of loosing out on something good was usually sufficient to stop them in their tracks,but they were not angels,and thety as many other children took things too far,and then they could fully expect a slap on the leg,and they full well knew why they were having that slap too.I agree it is important that the child is fully aware of the reason for the slap or the spank,but I do not think that it is harmful to them or there well being in any way shape or form.But there is one issue to bear in mind,a slap is exactly that,anything bigger than the normal slap is so out of order.
• Philippines
13 Oct 08
Thanks for responding. I agree, children need to know their boundaries and the consequences when they overstepped them. I think you are a good mother.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
11 Mar 13
spanking the children is a brutal way of punishment,yes children should be frightened to their parents,so we need to punish them in a way that their wrong will be reminded to them to not do it again in the future,because children could rebel to the parent if they will hurt their child brutally.
@bvdev234 (304)
• India
14 Oct 08
It’s important that we should talk to them, though not immediately. I’ll say after 45 – 60 min. You could tell him, ‘how much hurt I, to spank you’. Also try to understand him why you did so. Spanking is good but the lack of understanding between parents and children could give negative effect. I know of some parents who won’t speak up to child for a week after spanking. That is really giving the child to do more likewise acts.