Do you feel people spend more on your pets?

October 13, 2008 9:32am CST
I personally feel people are more inclined towards pets and tend to spend a lot on pets than concerning about their own child's welfare.I have seen few on my friends who spend more than 100$ a month on pets itself.I have seen people dressing costlier dresses to pets,making some high priced bowl to eat,high priced food with lot of special contents in it.I personally feel it is waste of money.
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@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
13 Oct 08
I belive that if you have a pet you have to take care of it. Of course to the terms of feeding and astablishing normal living inviroment for it, but deffinitly not going into extrems. No matter how much you love the animal it is still an animal and shouldnt be treated as human.
@xzg555898 (210)
• China
13 Oct 08
i had no pets.but around of me ,i saw some people had pets. i agreed that the pets can give your life colourful.But i also think the pet is pet .you cannot treat it like people. too much money on pet didnot worth in my opinion. one day,i heard two womens'talk,at the same time ,i was not overhearing. one of them talked about his son,and took his son to the hospital.slept with last i found it was her pet i could not understand that.
@shefalis (81)
• India
13 Oct 08
Spending money on pets is a personal choice of an individual. Pets are great companions. I guess people are aware of the welfare of their children and am sure they do not neglect them in any way. Its just that pets cannot talk and convey their feelings like human. So one tends to feel more compassionate towards them and try to take care of them. Children can convey atleast their emotions and feelings to the parents. They too are a part of the family. I dont kow if you have ever kept a pet. If you haven't then must keep one and see. It is amazing experience. Specially their unconditional love and loyalty towards the master. So even if they are rewarded back by taking care like dressing them up,given good food to eat,it is not at all a waste of money. Pets provide protection and always think of the well being of the person whom they belong to