A busy life

@leateagee (3667)
October 13, 2008 12:53pm CST
Hi guys, I miss you all. To the new members "hello!" I'd been busy lately and was not able to join discussions here. As I grow in years I noticed that I became busier. I miss the old things that I used to do but I can only do those things when priorities in life had been organized and done first. But most of the time, the hours in a day, the days in a week and the days in a month are not enough to do all the responsibilities and attend to the priorities in life. Anyhow I managed to organize some thats why I have time to join discussions here today. I miss you all mylotters. Doing old things that you love is fulfilling so even though how busy life is, do something that will make you happy. Do the old fun stuff. Take care and happy mylotting everyone!
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14 Oct 08
Hi leareagee, Nice to see you back and welcome back, how are you? Most people these days are so busy that they have time for fun anymore, all my friends are the same, so that is why I don't see my friends very much these day. The last time I saw my friends it was in August, on my birthday. Tamara
@leateagee (3667)
• China
18 Oct 08
Hello Tamara, it is so nice to be welcomed by good old friends. I am very well, what about you? Though we may not be keeping in touch for sometime, real friends stay behind. Tanks for being one here at mylot. Take care always. =)
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
13 Oct 08
Hello leateagee, how are you doing girl. Welcome back, I myself are not here on a regular basis but you know Mylot is addictive. It is good to see your lovely smile again. Take care. Kerry
@leateagee (3667)
• China
15 Oct 08
Hello kerry, I am doing pretty well. Yup, that is so true, Mylot is so addictive. People like you that I consider my friend makes me go back too and stay. Take care and thanks. See you around =)