My mom is trying to control my life once again

@nixxi76 (3192)
October 13, 2008 5:15pm CST
Well once again I'm afraid to tell my mom that I'm relocating into another house. I sort of hinted to her about this house we seen in the paper that my hubby and I wanted to rent. Now if you knew my mother then you would know that she wants us to live in her town where she is and we should do that however we can and whatever it takes to do so. So if that means that we should remain in this house that is making us ill and wait there until we find something in her town then we should do so. Now, let me back up a bit and explain to you about the house we are in now. In the summertime the basement gets really wet so there is about an inch of water on the floors and the sum pump is constantly working hard so it's severely wet down there. There is a mold issue now where dark marks are showing up on the walls of the upstairs where I find myself constantly bleaching them to wipe them off. The other night my hubby and I went into the basement to search for something when I lifted this cardboard box. When I put it down my hands were covered in this black substance then I noticed that there was fuzz growing on one of the edges of it! I told my hubby OMG we are breathing this in! Instantly I felt a shadow of guilt cover me about my son. We are moving in the new house come November 1st. But I'm afraid to tell my mom about it as she will place the guilt trip on me. Does your mom control you life too?
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@rainmark (4306)
14 Oct 08
I can say that my mum controlled my life when i was single. Since i get married and have my own family, she never go in between of me and my hubby in our decission and which place we gonna live. She understands that i have my own family now. Happy posting.
@Lakota12 (42684)
• United States
14 Oct 08
No i fshe had I might have never left home lol. But as a mom I would like me kids close to me but not if the house they are in makes them sick. and just how far away are you from her cant ya visit regularly? My mom is 500 miles from me I dont ge tto see her oftern but I do call at least every week!
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
13 Oct 08
My mother is gone now but she was a bit of a controller, I think most mums are unless they really stop thenselves from being like this, i think it is a part of being a mum to be in charge of your babies and a womans kids are always her babies..