What should i do?

October 14, 2008 10:42am CST
I have a scoliosis now. My friends was the one who told me that i have a scoliosis. I dont know that my right back is higher than left. then i go to the doctor and i ask some suggestion but she just told me that there's no medicine for this kind of problem, just drink milk for bone like anlene and also exercise.
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29 Jan 10
There is several things you can do - braces, surgery (not an option in my book), and also checking your eyes or inner ears. Many problems of scoliosis are now being attributed to nervous system dysfunction causing muscle compensations problems. Think of tires that should normally be straight on a car, but are slightly turned to the right. Your nervous system in this case would be causing the tires to turn out, and your muscles would have to be trying to hold the steering wheel to the left to make this happen - causing the muscles to pull the spine into different curves. A combination of seeing a vestibular doctor, and even braces will easily cause most changes in most people. Although you may have a physical problem, if there is no pain accompanying it, you'll be fine. Just work on exercises that teach you good posture and proper walking and you'll be okay. It's when you have pain that you may want to see an ear doctor, to see what might be going on.
@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
14 Oct 08
There is no medicine for it. They can give you something to wear (sort of a support) if you are young enough, but if you stopped growing they cant help you. There is also the surgery (but only after the certain degree...I think it has to be over 40 degrees or something like that) where they put gold stick next to your spine (at least that how they did it 20y ago lol, dont know if they still do that or maybe they have more up to date solutions). But it would be good if you'd go to a doctor at lest they can show you some excercises you can do at home to help your spine bone a bit.