What are the possible situations where you can gain friends?

@mayrah (1037)
October 14, 2008 10:47am CST
If you want to gain more friends your motto should be like this "I never met people I didn't like". Do you have a huge number of friends? There are people who can easily win friends where ever place they go. But It's always not the quantity but the quality of friend you would have that matters most. Personally I have gained more friends now compared when I was teenager, may be because I was shy type before. But now I can socialize with every people I met. Now let me ask you this question. In your own experiences, what are the possible situations where you can gain friends?
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• India
14 Oct 08
To get friends I follow this motto. Listen and talk only when the person needs it. many a times people just brag about themselves. that is boring. It repulses. Shyness is a hindrance. But overtalkatives find even lesser friends. Though overtalkatives are always found in bigger groups of friend circle. I think the more you interact like say this one, you gain more friends.