Cell Phones:A Way Of Life For Everyone....

United States
October 14, 2008 11:10am CST
Cell phones are a useful tool if we break down in our cars on a dark deserted highway late at night, or we're in an accident or if we pass an accident that needs reporting. Cell phones have probably saved many lives due to everyone having one nowadays. I ran out of gas recently on a dark, seldom traveled freeway returning from Parker, Arizona just 2 months ago. I was upset when I had left, I had been trying to get my grandson back after having been taken out-of-state by the non-custodial parent and left with an Aunt and Uncle in Arizona. The police wouldn't help, although my son had full custody of the child and it's against the law to run off with the child. I was coming home without my grandson, again and I forgot to fill up before leaving. The cell phone saved the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!Within 2 hours of running out of gas, I had AAA send a tow truck with gas. During that time, 3 cars had passed and only 1 stopped to make sure we were okay. In this incident, a cell phone was a good thing to have.
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@Beruang (1309)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 08
I agree. Cell phone has become a necessity rather than just an accessory like it once was. It has become the way to communicate and we can now get in touch with all the people that we want to communicate with almost from every where. I would not be surprised with the fast advancement of the telecommunication technology, we would be able to talk to anyone, anywhere and anytime. I myself could not imagine going through my daily life without a cell phone. I need to check my daily appointments, I need to call and receive calls from my clients, I need to receive security codes for my online banking transactions, I need to check up on my wife and son on what they are doing from time to time so that I know things are okay and those are just a few of the things that the simple gadget can do. I have not done it but I have known some people who watch TV on their phones. I have also known people who navigate unknown territory just by using their phone. Sometimes when I am bored, i would listen to the music and play some games and all of that on my phone. Everyday, more and more things can now be done just by using a cell phone and just imagine what would our life be without a cell phone. Cheers!