Salvia Divinorum - do you know, do you care, have you tried, would you?

@hellcord (675)
October 14, 2008 12:13pm CST
For those of you who don't know, Salvia Divinorum is a psychoactive plant, a psychedelic (aka. hallucinogenic) one, that is now legal in most countries, has no side-effects and creates no addiction. I'd like to share some of my experiences with it, and get some feedback on the topic if you're interested in giving it:) I've been 100% clean all my life until 2008 (except for getting drunk a few times, on rare occasions). Then I tried some Marijuana and liked it, but did not make a big deal out of it. And then I found out about this plant, and made the extra effort required to find a source, get some and test it. And I was SOLD right then and there, for LIFE:) Not addicted, don't get me wrong, I have enough to last for years, but rarely smoke it, I have no need or craving for it, ever. Also out of respect I do not smoke it if I am too tired, or have a bad attitude in any way. I feel it would be wrong to bring such energy to a great experience. To my knowledge, the more you smoke on any session, the longer it takes for your body to give you the 'OK' to smoke again next time. So it is literally impossible to get addicted to this class of substance (Psychedelics) - since it physically 'blocks' you from taking more than you can take, after a good strong trip you will not want it for weeks. Besides the sensations will still be with you for much longer than the actual trip lasts. But what I have felt and seen 'out there', under the guidance of this plant, changed me profoundly, and left me in awe of the experience. Now having used it a few times, having made drawings, kept recordings, offering it to friends and seeing them have positive experiences as well, I'd like to share it with everyone, but of course it's hard to talk about something you've never experienced, and people are filled by preconceived ideas, calling everything 'drugs'. As if this amazing plant has anything to do with the likes of cocaine or heroin. So my questions are, first do you know that something like this exists? Would you put some google searches on it to find out more? If you see people testing it and getting better from the experience, would you try it yourself? By better I mean becoming more creative, more tolerant, more non-violent and open, starting a new hobby all of a sudden, like drawing, singing, dancing, crafting something with the hands, starting to learn a new language, etc. Tapping into potential that was until then left to fade away. Falling with it naturally into meditative states about the nature of you, your soul, your fellow man, this planet and our innermost treasures, and seeing and understanding things that are usually reserved for monks and yogis after many years of practice. I'm also buying a Graphics Tablet to express in actual imagery the places that this plants takes me to, I felt the drive to do that from the very beginning. It is amazing :D The plant can be smoked, or if you're against smoking it can be chewed as raw leaves, and it gets absorbed through saliva. It is a relative of Mint, so it is quite minty :D If the research worldwide showed that there are no side-effects to this, would you take a one-time test, to form an oppinion?
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@hardluck (375)
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14 Oct 08
I'll try anything once, send me some seeds.