Do your cats ever track a smelly surprise across your floor?

United States
October 14, 2008 2:42pm CST
The other day one of my cats tracked something smelly out of the litter box and then proceeded to smear it all over my kitchen and living room floor. I spent an hour cleaning it up! Yuck! Why are cats so messy? I'll never understand. I shouldn't really be surprised, cause my big male cat is the Vomit King! Nothing settles right in his stomach. Every morning, he gives me a nice refund on his breakfast! Something else to clean up. Have you cats ever made a huge mess for you to clean up? Are you always having to clean up messes your cats make?
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
15 Oct 08
Consequences of having animals... Yep, vomiting happens often enough. Smelly things out of the litter box not so often. The worst is when a nice fresh poop gets tracked out and somebody steps in it. But what the heck, the cats aren't going to clean it up for me.
• United States
15 Oct 08
I hear you! That's the worst. I spend more time cleaning up after those little cats than the actual humans. The humans in the house are somewhat less messy!
• United States
17 Oct 08
once in a blue moon. my poor blue got one stuck going to the bathroom (he had hemerroids)and ran around til it fell out. sorry for the visual,but it was funny at the time.