Please help me with USD to GBP conversions

October 14, 2008 5:48pm CST
Just recently received a check through the post from one of the numerous survey sites I participate with...however this month I have recieved only $2 which is equivalent to about £1...I think. I was just wondering if anyone could help advise me whether it would be beneficial to pay this check in as I will have to pay a conversion charge and perhaps an extra sum because the check is so smaller value. Has anyone actually experienced this before? If so what did you do? Please help and advise
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@paid2write (5202)
15 Oct 08
You are correct, it is only worth £1, but you may have to pay more than that to bank it. It depends on which bank you use. My bank has a standard fee for drawing money from an American bank, in addition to paying for exchanging dollars into pounds. I only work for sites that use PayPal then I can convert all my dollar earnings into pounds before I transfer it to my bank. There is a 50p fee if you transfer less than £50 from PayPal, but I withdraw more than that each month so I never have to pay it.
15 Oct 08
Thanks for your response found it really helpful. Since your posting I have visited my bank and enquired and they said they charge £12 to cash a cheque that little and get it converted....just put this mishap down to experience I think. Hopefully i'll remember to select paypal as my method of payment on all sites now.
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@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
15 Oct 08
Are you wanting help with the conversion rate, to see exactly what you'll be getting? If that's what you need, there are dozens of places online to find that. Here's one currency converter:
15 Oct 08
Thanks for your response...conversions always confuse me so will take a look. Thanks
• Malaysia
16 Oct 08
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