You're not gay!

@donsky14 (5963)
October 14, 2008 6:09pm CST
My boyfriend was teasing me last night that he was gay. Well, he would always do that when were goofing around. He would act like his "gay". Then he asked me, "What if I'm gay?" -Which of course his NOT- But I told him, then I'm gonna have to leave you, cause, whats the point of staying...its not a girl you like. Then he said that, he is gay, but he still like girls. So I told him that his not gay. Cause in my own opinion...a guy has to like a guy for him to be gay. Anyway, my point would you guys say if a guy is a gay? Does he have to like a guy to be called one? I hope I won't offend anyone with this discussion..I'm not against gay people...I respect them and I have friends who are gay. I'm just curious because of the situation that me and my boyfriend had last night...
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