Samantha Who?

October 14, 2008 6:15pm CST
I missed the season premiere of Samantha Who? yesterday evening. I was so sleepy that I slept even before Dancing with the Stars was done. When this show started way back (can't remember when exactly but I do know it was a few months before the Writers' Guild's walk-out), I already liked their concept. Someone who used to be bad was in a coma and is now trying to figure things together plus be a better person. With this concept, I know that the program is trying to show that every person had a chance to change for the better. I always believe that. Going back to yesterday evening's season premiere, even if I was not able to watch it, there is where you could watch full episodes that you missed. So that's what I did just before opening mylot. And the episode was about spending time with your parents. I think that in our kind of society today, it is good to show that spending time with our parents is as "uncool" as a lot of us think.
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