What are the Qualities do u expect from a Leader ?????

October 15, 2008 2:59am CST
Everyone have their own opinions about a leader. I wanna know different opinions from you What are the Qualities do u expect from a Leader ???????????????????? Please share ur opinions and coments on this discussion Thank You
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@tikei18 (359)
• Philippines
15 Oct 08
What qualities I expect from a leader are he is responsible enough to handle his subordinates and has a sense of humor. I don't think that the leader should always be intelligent and should be number one in the class or anywhere. He/she should have good leadership and can handle and make his group follow him/her. He/she must know what is right and bad for them. And if he/she made a decision she/he must be alert of the consequences they might face and what would be the effect for the people under her/him. God Bless and be a blessing.
@Paula08 (33)
• Philippines
15 Oct 08
A leader should be an outstanding man or woman, that is, he or she must be intelligent, so he or she can lead their followers. They should not be AVERAGE. A leader should have iron strong will, personality, and morals. Not many leaders are real leaders I think.
@cocooreo (706)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 08
I expect a leader to be full of responsibility, have strong leadership, always know what he/she is doing, treat his/her subordinates just and fair. I hate those leader who online know how to talk but never act.