having too many interests

@kens425 (436)
October 15, 2008 3:25am CST
After going through tough times i learned to have plenty of interests and hobbies that i dont use to do, like martial arts, playing in bands and hosting battle of the bands, motorcycle joy rides, internet, gardening and farming, hiking and mountain climbing and so on.. the thing is sometimes they dont fit together or they reflect my different personalities, is this normal or is it a rare case of abnormality. do you also have the same situation as i am.?
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• Philippines
15 Oct 08
As human being as we are we have many roles and interest in life sometimes two person may seemed the same but at times differ, and to me it spices our life we have juggling balls in our hands, a father, worker, martial arts expert, movie lover, name it, no matter how different it may seemed but when you fit each of it that makes a total person that you are ! and I say it is JUST NORMAL to each of us. The interest category here in mylot allows us to explore who we are and what we love doing, the better the better that is here, because when you have so many interests chances are big that you can participate to many of the discussions around here. Enjoy life... and Welcome to mylot kens !