Fate Is Always Playing Tricks On Us

October 15, 2008 4:39am CST
As I have the privilege to many friends online and offline, I have often come across this phrase: "Fate is always playing tricks on us." Fate is always brought up when it comes to failed relationships, incompatible lover, forbidden relationships and other relationship mishaps. I am just wondering if this is fair to our friend (Fate) here. I am afraid to say that fate is all written first of all with our own hands and decisions. Afflictions cannot be dissolved by logics - the delusion of the heart and mind is far too insidious to eradicate with some simple forum post(s). One must face his/her consequences, if his/her development is not complete and holistic enough to understand the failure of his/her choice. Then he/she will fall and bleed a river, before one can learn to pick himself/herself up. You cannot blame what is higher up for what you have already decided upon and wanted in the first place. Don't forget you are all going into with full awareness and knowledge, so there is nothing to blame fate for being fateful in the eventuality!! Do you have a different perception and point of view here? Like to contribute your heart felt thoughts here? C'mon let's hear of it.
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@artemeis (4070)
• China
16 Oct 08
sky, I am a believer of us controlling fate than the other way round. The choices that we make, the decisions that we decide and the deeds that we do, all have a consequence and conclusion. What goes round, comes around. You reap what you sow are just sayings pointing towards our consequences from our decisions and choices.