weightloss problems

United States
October 15, 2008 6:30am CST
I want to know if there is anyone out there who at one time wasn't able to loose weight no matter what they did and then one day, accidentally, discovered what part of the problem was and was able to change it. Do you loose motivation? Does the word "Diet" make you feel deprived? Are you unsure of what excercises to do? Did you realize that certain stress causing circumstances were part of the problem? Things like that.
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@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
15 Oct 08
i did go to the gym many times before yet there is no change in my body because there is also no chnage in my lifestyle. so that time i was discouraged to do that again. but this time i have this supplement that does way too good to me and i paired it with exercise. i lose 3 kilos in a matter of 2 months.
• Philippines
15 Oct 08
wow that's great! can you give me details on that supplement? i need that! :D before when i was a teen, whatever thing i eat, i don't gain weight. now when i finished my college, i am almost 160 lbs. my height is 5'7" but that doesn't change the fact that i'm overweight. i think it's the stress. but now that i don't go to school anymore and i don't even work, the relaxation still won't work. i guess it's my lifestyle catching up on me. how i hate it! now i can't go on diet because i have acidity problems and my stomach would go protest on my favorite dieting method : starvation - one meal a day.
• United States
16 Oct 08
I am glad to hear that. I found that my job is the main cause of my weight problems due to the stress. I have however, changed how and what I eat and also go to the gym. It is also important, when you go to the gym, to save your cardio workout for after your weight workout. Your body tends to use the most readily available source for energy in your body which is glucose in your bloodstream. If you use the weights first and then do your cardio, your body will burn the glucose with weight lifting. By the time your make it to the cardio part, your body will burn more fat because you have already burned the glucose.
@kasouyumi (165)
• United States
18 Nov 08
I remember the time I got fat....so fat. I am 5'6 and i use to weigh 178 lbs. I wasn't obesed, but I was still over weight. Then I relized that I was taking surtain medications and had the doctor change them. After that I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! Even though I had a major change, I was still not satisfied. So I started dieting and I have lost 15 more lbs so far. Now I weight somewhere between 156-158 lbs. My ideal weight is 140...so I'm almost there! YIPPY! If you want real results, I suggest going to a weightloss specialist or doctor if you haven't, and get a check-up. You should find a place thats very cheap...it's not plastic surgery so your insurance might help you pay for it if your conserned about price. I take prescribed appetite supressants, but I also take organic Green Tea for energy and control. The rest depends all on you. Avoid foods with grease and all that stuff,drink plenty of water, and exercise 15-20 minutes a day, but by all means: AVOID FOODS AND DRINKS WITH HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP AND ARTIFICIAL SUGARS.Organic sugar is okay, but not too much. I know I'm rammbling on and on about this, but I'm just trying to be a helpful person. Much luck people!
@hellcord (675)
• Romania
26 Oct 08
Well, at one point, during college, I was just one of those fat kids. Had problems sleeping, depression, etc, and those ganged up on me and at one point I had 115 kg (253 lbs) :D But then I came out of it, read about depression, started moving, made new friends, read and watched some videos about chasing skirt successfully, and those too ganged up, and my weight problems went away. THE best source of info EVER on this issue, I consider to be a series of 4 shows, under 2 hours in total, made by Paul McKenna. They're called Paul McKenna will make you THIN There our good shrink explains why diets don't work on the long run (they work for only 9% of people that start them actually) and what DOES work. It also follows a family on this program, for a long time, and also explains to the viewer some easy steps to take, that cost nothing, and over time will have a DRAMATIC effect/ ALL of his advice I have found to be very easy to keep, sometimes very counterintuitive, and also it helped me make some killer 6pack abs a few months ago, so I for one am happy :D Peace :)