Rich Dad -- Poor Dad

October 15, 2008 8:53am CST
Hi Friends, Good evening. I read a book "RICH DAD POOR DAD" few weeks ago. The book is really good i feel that one should read this book to get some money management Skills. The Author Mr.Robert Explains very neatly with pictorial representation about the difference between the liabilities and assets. Author places himself in a poor family and always thinks about the rich family living and neatly gives the difference between the thinking of an employee and the Employer. The highly educated his father working in a and not much educated his second father(Author calls his friend father) running a business and the story continues on these characters mainly. However, i cannot write the complete story here for you so i can request or suggest you to read the book Rich Dad Poor dad. And for the people who are interested in business and thinking to increase money with the sources they have and even to know how to manage the funds available also can go through this book for the best information in a simple English. So All the Best Mylotters... Enjoy the evening and the Book RICH DAD POOR DAD
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