What is the color of your teeth?

@mayrah (1128)
October 15, 2008 9:25am CST
Dentist says that the only advantage of yellowish teeth rest in the fact that their dentine is, as a rule stronger. And the extremely bluish white teeth often consist of soft porous and tender dentine. Faulty structure of the teeth indicates weak bones in general. We cannot deny the fact that white teeth are very fashionable right now, and it seems that every people dream to have a brighter smile. News anchors and actors all have pearlier than pearly white teeth. How about you what is the color of your teeth? How satisfied are you with your teeth? What can you say about people who have have undergone whitening teeth procedure?
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15 Oct 08
Well now, define white? There are different shades of white, but mine are one ot them. Ha! Ha! I am just grateful that I still have mine and thank God that they are not yellow or bluish. My thoughts of others enhancing their teeth is to each its own. Is it a good thing only time will tell, to much of anything can't be because you are simply altering nature's course. I tried whitening mine not by any dental procedure, but with the over the counter methods. They didn't seem to change my color to any extreme or maybe I should invest in some glasses. Smile... Thanks for sharing, blessings...
19 Oct 08
mine are yellow - I do brush twice a day but I don't use any whitening products - why? My teeth are yellow due to floride drops I had as a kid, I would actually rather be this colour and healthy than white and full of holes - as long as they are clean what is the problem. I have actually been teased about dirty teeth by kids when I was younger who had lots of fillings - I have none (yet)
@busyB4 (875)
• United States
2 Nov 08
Mine have a yellowish tint, I have hard though that people with blonde hair do have a tint to their teeth almost like a pigmentation. I worked for a dentist office for awhile. I would see the different ones get the whitening treatment. Their teeth were pretty but some complained that it made their teeth more sensitive. I used some of the whitening product from the dentist office you added to the molds they make of your teeth. I could not tell alot of difference over not using it. It did however make my teeth more sensitive when I was using it. I am sure they have improved the methods over time but I just don't think I see it as a priority financial wise