are men confused about the new age women?

October 15, 2008 11:11am CST
are men confused about what the new age women wants? so women like chivalrous men?is it really a dying concept? is chivalry dying because men are baffled when they should pay ,when not? how their actions might be interrupted? when do they have to shower care, help, assistance, independence copteness etc. etc. of late my friends have shared incidences that seem like a comedy of errors centering round chivalrous expectastions, but perhaps thier signals were not so right. so what people say?hhhhhhmmmmm, this question in boarder sense is similar to "why are girls so unpredictable?" a famous question among the guys. i would say this problem is not only with the new age women but was also with the old age women.the difference that has came is that old age women was not that much expressive as the new age one. one of the most complex creations of god to understand . i have more females in my friend circle than men still i can't find two females who can be categorized in the same category and the reverse is the case with males. they are almost all same about liking, interests etc etc.may be i shoul put it in this way, men laugh at women because they are all different, women laugh at men because they are all same.
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• Malaysia
15 Oct 08
hi tousif woman and computer systems (especially microsoft windows) are the same man and the computer users are the same 1) when computers were introduced some people claimed it to be confusing and refused to accept it 2) new computers were introduced and some old systems users refused to change to the new systems 3) much more advanced and user friendly systems were introduced , people claim to be confused Yes, woman have our own priority and individuality and it differes from 1 another and ourselves too ... i will give you and example of myself 1) when i was a young girl, i wanted to devote my life to my family and take care of them all my life, i did not want to get married 2) when i found my boyfriend, now my husband ... i wanted to be with him all my life and have my own family like my family 3) when i started my work, i wanted to success in my carrer and be "someone" 4) when i got married, i wanted to spend more time with my husband instead of being in office 5) when i am wanting to have a child, i want to leave my job as the stress is not allowing me to get baby.. Meanwhile for most man 1) he loves football (soccer or american) when he is a boy, he loves it more when he becomes a teenager, the love is even more when he is a young man, he spends time infront of tv even when he is married, he goes to the games when his child are making noice at home 2) he loves girls when he is teenager, young man, husband or father The man have very limited responsibility ... which is most concentrated only on "financial" which is "bread winner" of the family ... But times have changed now that man are almost 100% partnership in a marriage and woman are also supporting in financial we woman, play different roles in our life and this roles makes us different person, other than that the surrounding make us very different ... as a woman with a BI... Mother in law, i have so much duties and responsibility and work to be done for my husbands family which gives me more stress, while for another woman with Angel Mother in law, life is much easier Get to know your woman friends well, each will have different background and responsibility ...hope i have given you some ideas why we are different.. cheers